Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I'm not getting old, am I?

This week, in the spirit of getting "healthy" and not wanting to either pay for a gym or battle undergrads at the TCU rec center, I have started doing simple exercises at my know, crunches, jumping rope, calf raises, lunges, and the like. Well, while doing lunges, I noticed that my left knee was cracking with every movement. I know, joints pop and crack and stuff, but usually they'll pop once or twice and then whatever kink was in there goes away and the noise stops. But not this knee. It pops every single time it moves. It doesn't hurt and I can barely feel it, but it keeps happening over and over and over again.

In the couple of hours since I stopped exercising, I have really noticed that it actually does crack almost every time it moves, not just when I'm exercising. And now it is creeping me out. I can't walk across my living room without noticing it. I have a perpetually popping knee! Is there something wrong with me? Or am I just starting to get old?

1 comment:

Joanie said...

oh's all downhill now! you'll be getting your AARP application before you know it.