Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Road Less Traveled

Tonight, I left my apartment to make a Target run. I pulled out of my assigned parking spot and turned the corner on my way to exit our gate, and my path was blocked by a fire truck and an ambulance. So I had to turn left down another row of apartments, weave my way around the back of the apartment complex, and exit on the other side of the property.

As I was taking this new path, I realized that I have probably only driven that way one other time, and that was before I even moved in. The rest of the complex looked totally unfamiliar to me! It was like I was driving through a totally new place, looking at different cars, different buildings, different people walking...but yet, we all live in the same place. It made me start thinking about living in the dorms when I was at ACU. I lived on the 2nd floor, and my "usual path" was down one half of the first floor, up the stairs, and onto the 2nd floor to my room. If I ever went onto the other half of the building or onto the 3rd floor, it was that same weird feeling - these people live so close to me, but yet their usual path is so foreign to me.

How is it that we can live so close to people for a long time, but never see the things that they see, and to be totally honest, never see them? I want to encourage you to take a different path today. Drive down the street that runs parallel to yours, walk down a different hallway or use a different stairwell. It is kind of a cool feeling to see a totally new world that has been within walking distance of you for quite a long time.


Allyson said...

Dude, that exact same thing used to freak me out about Nelson!!

Ashley said...

With all the construction around our place, I feel like I'm doing this all the time! :) On a nice day, its especially great traveling down a new path!

(P.S.-Girly, where have you been?? Gimme a call sometime!!)