Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Quote of the Day

As stated a long time ago, my old roommates and I had a quote board in our apartment where we would record funny statements. If I had a quote board now, the conversation that took place tonight while watching the Rose Bowl :( would have definitely made it.

Adrian: Seriously, the Lockheed parking lot has more trucks than I have ever seen in my life!

Chris: Like a truck dealership?

Adrian: Worse! A truck dealership at least has used cars!

I don't know if you think its funny...but I did! Have a happy Thursday!

***Extra Note***
I found the decorator bag! I made myself lunch today and when I put something down the disposal and turned it on, it made a VERY unhappy noise. Turns out, by using the smallest bag I had (8 in. bag - normal ones are 12 in.), it allowed it to slip down the disposal completely, thereby facilitating the mysterious disappearance. I knew I had put it in the sink!! Amazingly, the bag is fine, but the tip I was worried about was not so lucky. Its completely crushed. But I have also remembered that the #3 tip only costs 99 cents whereas the 8 in bag costs over $2. So I'm okay. And very ecstatic to know that I haven't gone nuts!

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